The latest news on gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel retailing

Majors Management Acquires Southeast Dealer Business

Seller McPherson to focus on lubricants, commercial fueling and fleet cards


Britain Moves Up Its ICE Vehicle Ban

Sales of new gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles to end in 2035

Survey reveals how buying an EV affects range anxiety, driving habits and more: AAA

Despite disruptive, regulatory and business threats, the channel has reason for hope

Fuel delivery service joins Yoshi, Shell TapUp and others in Houston market

Headlines battle for oil price control

Fuel retailer to build dozens of fast-charging locations in central and western Canada

Retailer upgrades to blender pumps at 12 sites thanks to grant

Stickers offer information for reporting skimming as new state regulator takes over

Tom Kloza of OPIS shares what’s in store for prices, demand and industry M&A

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