car wash


Use a Burst of Color to Freshen the Car Wash

How changing brushes and hangdowns can draw customer attention


4 Ways to Optimize the Car-Wash Business

How retailers can boost traffic and streamline operations.

The unique styles of wash can go beyond just personal preference; they can be a major determinant in the business model of a car wash, from vehicle loading, to various cleaning technologies, to cars-per-hour capabilities and revenue per car, to the level of clean and shine.

Why it’s all about the customer experience

Innovative car-washes have the advantages of both touch-free and soft-touch styles in one wash package, creating an ideal equipment option for wash operators.

Ways to boost transactions, from prompting a premium purchase to using mobile apps

For convenience stores looking to boost revenues and profits, here’s an option they may not have considered: converting existing car washes to car-wash express tunnels. 

There is no shortage of car wash options for consumers, so c-stores should dedicate resources to differentiate their own from local competition.

What if c-stores could earn more by upgrading their car wash to a mini-tunnel? It’s a trend among some stores, and it’s easy to see why—mini-tunnels can wash more cars than in-bay models can.

Here are five distinct ways that advancements in smart in-bay touch-free wash technology can enhance the return on investment.

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