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Bringing Two Technologies to One Wash Package

Innovative car-washes have the advantages of both touch-free and soft-touch styles in one wash package, creating an ideal equipment option for wash operators.


How to Supersize the Car-Wash Ticket

Ways to boost transactions, from prompting a premium purchase to using mobile apps

For convenience stores looking to boost revenues and profits, here’s an option they may not have considered: converting existing car washes to car-wash express tunnels. 

There is no shortage of car wash options for consumers, so c-stores should dedicate resources to differentiate their own from local competition.

What if c-stores could earn more by upgrading their car wash to a mini-tunnel? It’s a trend among some stores, and it’s easy to see why—mini-tunnels can wash more cars than in-bay models can.

Here are five distinct ways that advancements in smart in-bay touch-free wash technology can enhance the return on investment.

There are, however, five secrets that all successful car wash owners know will help maximize revenue.

Wisconsin expansion continues with latest deal

Programs deliver traffic but require a goal and strategy for success

Will retain Nebraska chain’s car-wash brand

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