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How Customized Car Wash Features Can Keep Customers Coming Back

There’s nothing quite like pulling out of the car wash with a sparkling-clean car. But for many consumers, it’s more than the result that matters.


Bringing Two Technologies to One Wash Package

Business owners, including car wash proprietors, are always on the lookout for something that can, as the saying goes, provide “the best of both worlds.”

The unique styles of wash can go beyond just personal preference; they can be a major determinant in the business model of a car wash, from vehicle loading, to various cleaning technologies, to cars-per-hour capabilities and revenue per car, to the level of clean and shine.

There are, however, five secrets that all successful car wash owners know will help maximize revenue.

Strategic investment in Get Spiffy to extend reach of Shell’s on-demand services

How changing brushes and hangdowns can draw customer attention

How retailers can boost traffic and streamline operations.

Why it’s all about the customer experience

Innovative car-washes have the advantages of both touch-free and soft-touch styles in one wash package, creating an ideal equipment option for wash operators.

Ways to boost transactions, from prompting a premium purchase to using mobile apps

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