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For convenience stores to be competitive in the foodservice space, it’s crucial they benchmark against not only other c-stores, but restaurants as well. And one of the stiffest places of competition happens at the coffee bar.

With that in mind, CSP set out to see how consumers score some of the leading c-store brands’ coffee programs, as well as some of those at leading limited-service restaurants. What follows are 25 c-store and quick-service chains—out of 27 participating c-store brands and 55 participating quick-service chains (barring buffets) tracked in total—within Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics program that scored highly for their coffee program. Consumer Brand Metrics surveys about 700 recent customers per chain.

The following scores are based on the percentage of recent customers who rated the chains’ coffee quality as “very good.” The results show big wins for many c-store retailers holding their own against restaurant giants. Get started!