Hartline's American Dream

Miami Dolphins wide receiver works drive-thru window at convenience store he owns

Brian Hartline

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Most NFL players dedicate their offseason to relaxing and working out, but Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brian Hartline has a summer job. Hartline just signed a five-year, $31 million contract extension with the Dolphins, but--according to a report by Larry Brown Sports--he has decided to keep his day job--working the drive-thru at a convenience store in Columbus, Ohio.

While giving an interview to Dan LeBatard on 790 The Ticket in Miami, Hartline said, "Me and my buddies have always wanted to [own a convenience store. My friend] ran a lot of them in Ohio since he was about 15 with his family, and we wanted to go into business. We bought our first one in January."

In fact, he was giving the interview while working at the drive-thru window itself.

The hosts then began ribbing Hartline and asking him what type of dream owning and operating a convenience store is.

"The dream," he said proudly. "The American dream. Owning your own business."

The stores are called Smart Stop, and Hartline quipped that he and his associates are "going to be the next Circle K."

Click here to listen to the interview (relevant portion begins at about the 9:50 mark).