Jiffy Mart Achieves 'Breakthrough'

Maryland Chamber of Commerce honors convenience store chain

Jiffy Mart Tevis Oil Maryland Chamber of COmmerce Breakthrough Award (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores)

WESTMINSTER, Md. -- The Maryland Chamber of Commerce recently honored convenience store chain Jiffy Mart as one of the recipients of its 2014 Business Breakthrough Awards. The awards program is designed to recognize Maryland businesses for breakthrough performance, innovation and growth.

Recognizing businesses of many sizes, the chamber selected Jiffy Mart in the 51-200 Employees category.

"Small businesses are the heartbeat of Maryland's economy. They take risks, solve problems, drive innovation and create jobs. Today, we're pleased to recognize a few of Maryland's breakthrough businesses," said Maryland Chamber president and CEO Kathleen T. Snyder. 

Jiffy Mart & Tevis Motor Fuel is a chain of four convenience stores and gas stations in Carroll County, Md. Operating in a very competitive market, the company has differentiated itself thanks to the innovation and creativity of its managers and employees, the chamber said. Jiffy Mart's focus on community support and customer experience has helped it attract a loyal customer base.

Fiscal-year 2013 was a profitable year for the company and its associates, and it was a breakthrough year for its customers and community. The company has partnered with many charities, raising more than $23,000, surpassing last year's philanthropic milestones.  

The Maryland Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit coalition of 750 businesses that employ more than 442,000 people in the state.

In 1981, Tevis Oil diversified and took the leap into the convenience store industry. The first store, originally called Tevco, was primarily a self-service truckstop featuring unbranded gasoline, along with hot food, drinks and a small selection of convenience items. After the success of the first store, Tevis Oil continued to open new stores over the years with each one offering a little more than the last. There are four c-stores in the chain, now called Jiffy Mart, with two of them featuring Shell gasoline and two featuring Tevco gasoline. Three of the four have Subway restaurants and one has a self-service car wash.

Westminster, Md.-based Jiffy Mart is exclusive to Carroll County and plans to remain so, the company said. It has come to be known as Carroll County's "Hometown Convenience Store."