Succeeding But Not Replacing John MacDougall

Fran Duskiewicz takes up mantle of leadership at Nice N Easy

Fran Duskiewicz John macDougall Nice N Easy (CSP Daily News / Convenience Stores)

Fran Duskiewicz

CANASTOTA, N.Y. -- Making official the role he has filled since the beginning of the year, Fran Duskiewicz, senior executive vice president of Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes, has assumed the titles of president and chief executive officer, succeeding John MacDougall, who passed away in mid-June after a long illness.

Duskiewicz said that MacDougall, because of his failing health, had not been actively involved in the chain's operations since January.

He delayed making the predetermined succession announcement following MacDougall's death because he "simply did not want to detract from the attention that the man's passing deserved," Duskiewicz said in an email to CSP and others.

"I was honored that he wanted me to have the president/CEO titles, but I hoped against hope that they would never need to be attached to my name. … I am humbled and sobered by the responsibility they represent, especially after 34 years of John MacDougall being the only president/CEO Nice N Easy Grocery Shoppes has ever known," he said, calling MacDougall a "visionary" and a "legend."

He concluded, "Our job now is to keep that teamwork in place and to protect John’s legacy as we move forward."

Canastota, N.Y.-based Nice N Easy operates 86 convenience stores in the state of New York.