Technology news affecting the convenience store industry
phillips 66 mobile

Mobile payment functions jump-start brands’ ranks


Software developer reportedly developing no-checkout technology

REDMOND, Wash. -- Microsoft is reportedly working with Walmart to develop its own version of an Amazon Go-like no-checkout shopping experience. The software maker is developing technology to allow retail customers to bypass the checkout experience and is partnering with retailers to move the...

secure payments

Retailers and payment processors join to make credit and debit use more secure and convenient

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Retail and payments industry leaders have formed the Secure Payments Partnership (SPP) in an effort to promote security across the payment system. SPP marks the first time these interests representing diverse parts of the payments system have joined forces to address the ongoing...

open commerce stuzo
Open Commerce allows retailers to monitor and manage multiple programs
ADD Systems logo
Contreras joins company as app developer
amazon go
Recently leased space could indicate sites of new locations, Chicago Tribune reports
gopuff college superlatives

Delivery service GoPuff crunches its sales data

thorntons bmz
BMZ guides clients through entire store development process
Changes are focused on simplifying enrollment and driving awareness
parkers rewards fuel discounts
The more customers spend in-store, the bigger the discounts at the pump