C-store technology and services news for the convenience-store retail industry


Tooley Oil Co. Partners With LottoShield

Lottery management platform aims to reduce labor hours and decrease theft


Vroom’s New Digital Payment Processor Allows Sale of Age-Restricted Items at Convenience Stores

In partnership with Finix, Pay360 drives down risk and offers below-market processing rates

If tech is used for efficiency, retailers can save 'leftover money for things that make you less of a target’

Of the 60% of customers that add items to their carts, 37% complete the purchase—how a convenience store can increase the conversion rate

Convenience operators are working to catch up to the success of loyalty programs in other industries


Re-Up’s AI technology cooks customizable fried chicken, french fries and other menu items on demand

Pricing changes come days after card issuers agree to $30 billion settlement over swipe fees

Duo will launch NexCX, a suite of convenience-store customer experience solutions

Nick Triantafellou, director of marketing at the convenience-store chain, shares how the promotions have boosted loyalty, social media engagement, sales

Convenience-store customer service is about appealing, engaging content, according to Kristin Ghere of Jump Start

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