What to Ask About In-Bay Washes

David Dougherty, Senior Product Manager

Article Preview: 
When it comes to taking the leap into refitting an existing automatic in-bay car wash with new equipment, it is important to consider some key factors before you sign on the dotted line.
Always remember to ask yourself, as if you were in a customer’s driver’s seat: Would you be happy with the results of the in-bay automatic car-wash process, and would you be willing to return again? Getting someone to wash a car once is important, but getting the customer to return regularly ensures long-term success. 
Here are five questions to ask before purchasing an in-bay car wash.
Is my supplier experienced enough to guarantee minimal downtime during installation while providing local support once the equipment is operational?
Do not overlook the importance of an experienced car-wash distributor. A good distributor provides the expertise and product knowledge for your installation and operation that, along with local access and support, can reduce the possibility of potential downtime. While purchasing a TV or cellphone direct or online may work, a piece of capital equipment such as a car wash requires strong local distributor support to provide guidance through the entire process. An experienced distribution network will help get you get one step closer to a successful business.  
What new services can you market as enhancements and improve ROI?
Car-wash operators are in business to make money. If they can find a partner that offers services to help improve their ROI, they can have the confidence to proceed with new programs knowing they have the resources available to be successful. A good distribution partner will offer equipment enhancements and products, along with various loyalty programs, that provide flexibility and help improve the operator’s ROI. There are three key areas in which a manufacturing company can help improve ROI: Offer a machine that increases throughput, offer more revenue-generating services and/or lower operating costs.
If we can help car-wash owners wash more cars, collect more money per vehicle and help reduce operational costs, we feel as if step one of our partnership has been achieved. Step two is helping you gain and retain loyal customers.
Are you considering the exterior appeal and the operation inside?
Curb appeal and drive-by signage goes a long way in attracting new customers. If you are refitting an existing structure, do not miss the opportunity to refresh the bay walls. Consider fresh paint, fiberglass surfaces or a colorful graphic print for the interior. To help build brand equity, consider branding your machines with special colors and/or logos. And because ease of operation for the customer will improve throughput volumes, don’t miss the chance to refresh directional ground markings and upgrade exterior landscaping and lighting.
Can you remotely monitor and adjust wash speeds and make wash-package changes?
The best car-wash machines have the capability to communicate remotely, which reduces trips to your facility. The best car-wash machines offer you constant status updates and communications, whether you are at home or on vacation. A simple machine interface provides easy configuration changes for introducing special packages or simply increasing operating speeds.
Can pay systems handle credit cards, paper money, loyalty cards and codes?
As the link to most of your customers, the pay station is a critical piece of a successful car wash. A simple, easy-to-use system will relax customers and improve the odds of a returning customer base. The pay station you choose should be able to handle all types of transactions, including cash, credit card, access codes and loyalty.  
A solid loyalty system is essential when looking at a pay station. Being able to offer your customers a variety of services and packages will help with customer retention. Choose a terminal that can handle numerous transaction types. It is important that the unit you choose be safe and secure. Having a pay station that has a secure vault that holds all incoming and outgoing currency will help keep cash safe. And it is critical that any pay station be Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. To avoid credit-card issues at your site, operators should ensure the device they are considering is listed on the PCI website. 

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