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Snacks & Candy

Moonstruck Chocolate Recalls Sea Salt Caramel Candies

Undeclared hazelnuts found in product’s ingredients

Snacks & Candy

Inspired Organics Recalls Sunflower Butter

Product removed from shelves due to potential listeria contamination

Ensuring all employees can use data will make a difference

Available in Peanut, Milk Chocolate, Crispy, Almond and Crispy Mint flavors

Product recalls, company buyouts dominated this year's headlines

Discount retailer looks to open 10 more DGX stores in 2019

Greek Crunch Nonfat S’Mores variety pulled from shelves due to a labeling issue

Here’s what consumers may continue looking for next year

Convenience-like concept will feature more than 2,300 products, including meat, dairy, grocery and meal kits

Company to join Springboard program and continue autonomous operations

Company calls release its ‘most significant launch’ since its Flip product

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