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GPM Reboots Loyalty Program

Customers can earn discounts on in-store items of their choice

New option enables c-stores to use a revenue driver of e-commerce

New product enables forecourt and backcourt options for retailers

CSP and data firm Incisiv present a wholistic look at how far c-stores have come with their digital platforms—and how far they still need to go. Here’s how retailers are feeling about general business conditions, COVID-19, labor, fuel and tobacco as a year from hell comes to a close.

Platform optimizes communications and productivity

Program invests in environmental initiatives for each gallon of fuel purchased

Regional fuels provider absorbs propane and petroleum operations

Retailer updates software in Europe, North America and Australia

How COVID-19 is shaping c-store disruption

Wild fires, hurricanes, staff errors: All reasons to diversify information storage

Federal proposal echoes California Gov. Newsom's executive order

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