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CBD Regulatory Roundup: Fall 2021

Edibles allowed, Delta-8 banned and more from the state and national levels


FDA Hesitant to Define CBD as ‘Dietary Ingredient’

Sends message to the industry: Don’t worry about rules and processes

Can the segment gain traction in convenience?

6 state, local and federal issues to watch in 2021

7 tobacco/nicotine experts discuss the category’s biggest challenges and opportunities

Data shows cigarette rebound, vape resilience and alternative vigor

CSP looks at what’s going on in all major behind-the-counter segments

All the reasons tobacco is in no jeopardy of becoming boring

‘It’s long past time for the FDA to get with the program’

Recognizing opportunity, major CPG brands are investing in cannabidiol drinks

What convenience retailers need to know about the hottest hemp/CBD trends

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