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Could CBD Be Snatched From Traditional Retailers?

Drug and supplement companies come out strong during FDA hearings


The FDA's CBD Hearing: Four Things to Watch

Pressing questions that will shape the future of this new category

Three cannabinoids that everyone will be talking about soon

Study suggests opportunity for mainstream retailers and manufacturers

Drugstores take an early lead, but convenience channel is primed to battle back

Legal experts weigh in on the likelihood of action in Washington

A number of state and local governments look to limit the sale of CBD-infused products

Agency will create a working group and hold public hearings in April

What the agency has said about regulating hemp products

The FDA is rolling out two retailer-centric ad campaigns. Will it have an impact?

With a new direction from the FDA and the rise of smoking alternatives, category optimism is on the upswing

Regulators will review recommendation, consider PMI’s reduced-risk arguments

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