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First Month of Full Nielsen ITG Cigarette Data Tells Mixed Story

Newport, Natural American Spirits help Reynolds outpace industry averages

A look at the problems that might arise in the cigar segment in the wake of recent Food and Drug Administration “deeming” regulations.

Only 6 e-liquid manufacturers would qualify to sell in Indiana

Vuse and MarkTen XL led category to double-digit growth

Proposed budget would increase taxes by $1 per pack

Assembly Business and Professions Committee says bill goes too far

11 vaping and electronic-cigarette organizations are suing the FDA

Researchers call it the ‘highest rates of cessation ever observed’

Multibillion-dollar settlement against Philip Morris will not be reinstated

What retailers need to know about the law that could restrict Indiana to only six e-liquid manufacturers

Electronic-cigarette manufacturers, retailers decry controversial vaping legislation

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