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Tobacco ‘Deeming’ Regs Go Into Effect Aug. 8

What retailers need to know about compliance

CSP Magazine

2016 Mystery Shop: The Data

Foodservice alone makes or breaks the guest experience

‘Just two things’ propel Kwik Trip to its fifth mystery-shop title

Retailer responses suggest key winners in Newport, Marlboro, Natural American Spirit and Copenhagen in smokeless. Key losers included ITG Brands and Skoal, with Pall Mall on “the negative watch list.”

Retailers have 30 days to remove Maverick Menthol Silver Box 100s cigarettes from inventory

Concerns and predictions about FDA’s landmark tobacco regulations

New budget includes tax increases on cigarettes, electronic cigarettes and OTP

Executives describe city-by-city regulations in Massachusetts as chaotic

So far, five tobacco and electronic-cigarette companies and associations have filed suit against the FDA

What retailers and customers are saying about Philip Morris’ heat-not-burn product

Jeff Stier’s experience meeting with the OMB about the FDA ‘deeming’ regs

Legal cannabis sales increased by 25% over Fourth of July

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