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Q&A: Defending Electronic Cigarettes to the White House

Jeff Stier’s experience meeting with the OMB about the FDA ‘deeming’ regs


Is Marijuana the New Holiday Cash Cow?

Legal cannabis sales increased by 25% over Fourth of July

VERC’s experience with channel-specific flavor bans

Newport, Natural American Spirits help Reynolds outpace industry averages

A look at the problems that might arise in the cigar segment in the wake of recent Food and Drug Administration “deeming” regulations.

Only 6 e-liquid manufacturers would qualify to sell in Indiana

Vuse and MarkTen XL led category to double-digit growth

Proposed budget would increase taxes by $1 per pack

Assembly Business and Professions Committee says bill goes too far

11 vaping and electronic-cigarette organizations are suing the FDA

Researchers call it the ‘highest rates of cessation ever observed’