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Are AI Cameras at Convenience Stores Moral?

‘AI ethics is a big can of worms,’ and ‘the industry has a responsibility to educate the public how video data is being used,’ according to retailers and leaders in the technology space


Is Technology Pushing Out Convenience-Store Employees?

Industry leaders say no—it’s up to retailers to educate staff that these investments are tools to make them more productive

Industry associations ask that agency incentivize renewable liquid fuels in addition to electric vehicles

EV chargers will be at all 27 remodeled service areas with up to 350 kilowatts of power

Use cases include smart cameras, sustainable savings opportunities, voice alerts and more, experts say at technology conference

Rovertown shares research on what kind of coupons work best and how to best position a loyalty app

Industry associations says new standards ‘will limit consumer choice’ and ‘significantly increase the domestic market share for electric vehicles’

New building process expected to reduce station construction costs by an average of 15%

FreeWire installs the equipment, convenience stores get portion of the revenue

Site will offer 24 150-kilowatt direct current fast chargers and be integrated with the bp Pulse app

Working to redesign more than 12,000 packaging types, company aims to make it easier for consumers to recycle

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