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Gridiron Grub

Money doesn’t lie, and there’s a lot of it to be made with food on Super Bowl Sunday

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Bullish on Snacking

Consumers’ desire for diversity in their daily snacks puts c-stores in the catbird seat

Hartman Group offers tips for capitalizing on dynamic eating trends

A pillar of the overall confection category, gum has been heading south from a dollar and unit perspective for some time. And while manufacturers are attempting to change direction with new products, all that innovation is part of the problem.

To many consumers, getting that daily protein fix is like a riddle wrapped in an enigma—many are clueless about how much protein they actually need. Convenience store retailers and their food-company partners think they have some solutions: Forget the riddle wrapped in an enigma; how about meat snacks or jerky wrapped in a 3.25-ounce package of 12 grams of lean protein?

There’s a common trajectory for c-store retailers entering the foodservice fray: Coffee sales beget breakfast sales, breakfast begets lunch, and lunch begets dinner. But some convenience retailers have cracked the code, and the solution involves chicken. And darn good biscuits.

With proper care and adjustments, ‘healthy’ sections can succeed

While most consumers don’t know how much protein they need in a given day, they continue to demand types of protein other than traditional center-of-plate lunch and dinner options. Much of this is fueled by the trend toward on-the-run consumption and mini-meals throughout the day.

Aggressive price positions on mainstream teas, juices, energy drinks and flavored waters have often been de rigueur. But as competition percolates across single-serve subcategories, it’s not uncommon to see aggressive pricing for premium and superpremium brands, too. This troubles some retailers.

Bite-size? Shareable? What about products that morph into something new? These are all factors that play a role in the world of confection today.

While there is a lot of buzz about bite-size and shareable packages that pace chocolate and nonchocolate growth, compelling developments also include products that morph into completely new forms.

A retro mystique combined with do-it-yourself independence has created an interest in the sleepy tobacco segment of roll-your-own cigarettes. How retailers can capitalize on the trend.

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