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Afternoons are for Sweet and Salty Snacks

Reese's Big Cup
Photograph courtesy of The Hershey Company

Consumers’ relationship with food continues to evolve as the options increase—especially in convenience stores. While the shift from at-home meals to the portability and limited preparation of on-the-go options continues, the move to all-day snacking continues to be an important trend for retailers—particularly because consumer needs are so different during different day parts.

Morning snacking has long belonged to better-for-you options, as consumers looked for products that satisfied their hunger but were considered “healthier” than more “traditional” options such as donuts or muffins. As the day wears on into afternoon and evening however, consumers’ desire for healthy options declines in favor of snacks that are more indulgent.

More than just a meal replacement or a bridge between larger meals, afternoon snacks are increasingly being asked to perform the dual task of satisfying both the desire for an indulgent treat and creating a feeling of satiation.

A hunger for indulgence

What makes one particular afternoon snack a more satisfying option than another?

Some feel that it’s a simply matter of preference, and that for late afternoon, consumers tend to either prefer a salty snack or an indulgent sweet treat. However, recent IRI panel data shows that over 95% of shoppers who purchase salty snacks also buy sweets at the same time.*

In many cases, it’s not a matter of either/or, but rather both. Consumers in late afternoon are looking to both solve their hunger and enjoy a moment of indulgence. The evidence can be found within the chocolate salted snacks category, for instance, where pretzels account for nearly 72% of sales and lead other “better for you” combinations like snack mix and popcorn by a wide margin.*

The solution then for meeting a snacker’s desire for both a sweet treat and a salty snack, that also appeals to their desire to satisfy cravings and satiation is a simple combination of flavors that accomplish all four needs.

Reese’s for late afternoon snacking

The Hershey Company sees a continued evolution of sweet and salty flavors combing to meet the needs of snacks that are both indulgent and satisfying. That’s why they’ve introduced Reese’s Stuffed with Pretzels, and will soon offer Reese’s Stuffed with Potato Chips to meet consumers’ desire for snacks that are both salty and sweet.

The afternoon snacking occasion is hungry for an option that satisfies all of these needs. As the No. 1 confection brand in c-stores, Reese’s is bringing salty satisfaction to the afternoon with Reese’s Stuffed with Pretzels and Reese’s Stuffed with Potato Chips.

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