Tobacco, cigarette and e-cig category news for the convenience-store retail industry

Tobacco Category Digest 2020


Cigarettes, OTP Saw Strong Demand in First Quarter for Circle K

Hannasch describes effect of Canada’s menthol cigarette ban

But there’s a ‘concerning uptick’ in use of disposable products, says FDA

Cigarette declines could improve, modern oral nicotine increases share

CSP editors discuss PMTA deadlines, tobacco bans and more

Reynolds American, Bidi Vapor, Pixotine applied by Sept. 9

At the PMTA deadline, questions surrounding compliance and enforcement continue to arise.

E-cigarette company says it’s evaluating resources to further secure its business

Variety of retail stores sell tobacco products

Law would lead to more people smoking cigarettes, drive others to black market, DeSantis says

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