Tobacco, cigarette and e-cig category news for the convenience-store retail industry

3 States Sue Major E-Cig Maker

Attorneys general focus allegations on Juul’s marketing efforts


4 Menthol Developments That Should Concern Retailers

E-cigarette scrutiny could ripple into a significant segment of the tobacco business

Every email sent to U.S. representatives counts, NATO says

President says plans for restricting vaping products coming soon; new FDA guidance may address flavors

‘Breakthrough’ identifies vitamin E acetate in all 29 test patients with illnesses, officials say

E-cigarette maker's move is in response to national tobacco survey on youth, officials say

Cigarette proposal would also prohibit mint, wintergreen smokeless products

OTP, alternative nicotine-delivery systems stoke anticipation on exhibit floor

Tobacco maker cites potential FDA ban on flavored vaping

Move comes as Juul suspends all flavor sales, initiates layoffs, report says

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