Tobacco, cigarette and e-cig category news for the convenience-store retail industry

Tobacco Category Digest 2020


Will Your e-Vapor Inventory be Compliant in September?

Find trusted vapor partners, like E-Alternative Solutions (EAS), who are committed to making sure retailers are set up for success before and during FDA’s PMTA process. How can retailers ensure their e-vapor inventory will be compliant come September 9th?

California Fuels and Convenience Alliance opposes bill that will be discussed at hearing

Tobacco company hires Alexandria Deal to lead initiative

Tobacco Media Group to implement extra safety precautions considering COVID-19

Murphy Drive rewards helps send customers to new products like nicotine pouches

Rule took effect July 1, bans sale of all flavored smoking products

10 companies receive warning letters for selling products that agency says appeal to youths

These five elements are important to that demographic in creating a worthwhile yet consistent experience.

E-cigarette company is asking commission to ban unauthorized products

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