EG America is expanding its use of contactless payments, a feature of its SmartPay Rewards program that originated with Cumberland Farms, one of several U.S. brands that are part of U.K.-based EG Group.

EG America’s free SmartPay Rewards app allows for a contactless payment experience, whether making purchases in the store or at the pump. The retailer is now expanding the program, which originated with Cumberland Farms—one of several U.S. brands that are part of U.K.-based EG Group—to 1,700 stores across North America.

“There was a wow factor related to being able to turn on a pump and see the price rollback for the discount with a phone; however, we saw this option as more than just a wow factor,” says Sorin Hilgen, chief digital officer. “We saw alternative checkout options to be fully aligned with the notion of convenience.”

Hilgen says he had to go big with the program to drive adoption by consumers.

“When we introduced the 10-cents-per-gallon discount at any time with no volume limit, our guests recognized the value and embraced it,” he says. “We are currently executing tens of millions of transactions annually. This offer has now become table stakes in the industry and an entry point for any retailer looking to provide a fuel discount program.”