Global Partners LP’s PayByCar pay-by-text service uses E-ZPass toll technology to enable customers to buy fuel using their transponders without having to touch the gas-pump keypad. Vehicles without a toll transponder can use PayByCar’s non-toll sticker to enroll.

Enrolled drivers get a message via SMS text on their cellphone when they arrive at a station asking if they need gas and their pump number, says Mark Cosenza, senior vice president, gasoline, distribution and station operations for Global Partners. “The driver replies with the pump number and the pump immediately engages,” he says. “No more fumbling for a credit card and spending extra moments in the heat or cold.”

The service, which is available at all 30 Alltown gas stations in Massachusetts, charges the credit card connected to E-ZPass and sends an e-receipt.

“Adoption has been growing steadily, and we see tremendous opportunity with increased marketing and exposure for all of our contactless options in the year ahead,” Cosenza said.