TXB is piloting TruAge, the new digital age-verification system from NACS and Conexxus, at its new store in Georgetown, Texas. Integrating the technology with point-of-sales companies has been a challenge, says Kevin Smartt, CEO of Bonham, Texas-based TXB, but ultimately the system will be a more responsible way to check out age-verified items such as alcohol and tobacco.

“We hope that it minimizes, if possible, stops, fake identifications in the market,” Smartt says. “And I think, hopefully, as an industry it shows that we are taking the extra steps to be the most responsible industry selling age-restricted products out there.”

TXB has also integrated Skip mobile checkout into its updated rewards program in its 50 stores. And in one of its new-builds, TXB is adding a food pickup room. The room will have heated food lockers from which third-party delivery service providers and consumers can pick up orders after they order online.

“You’ll put the code in the locker. Your door will open, you’ll get your food out, and you can leave,” Smartt says. “And you don’t have to go in and have to interrupt the queue line … to get your food.”