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Tobacco Battleground: Going Local

Retailers have more influence on the action of a city council or county board than outside industry members


Feds May Go Easy on Marijuana

Trump crackdown on states with legal pot sales unlikely, reports say

Indiana promises review of ‘ridiculous’ beer, liquor regulations

NATO’s Briant outlines seven states’ efforts that have fallen from consideration

Anti-smoking groups embrace Philadelphia's new rules on tobacco-retail permits

The Retail Liquor Association of Oklahoma filed a lawsuit challenging the results of a Nov. 8 referendum in which voters agreed to allow the sale of full-strength beer and wine in grocery and convenience stores.

Bills regarding local regulations and wine and beer sales await approval

From smoking to plastic bags, California has a reputation for setting the regulatory agenda across the country

Rural retailers report higher overnight sales as ban partially lifted

Dating back to the Tobacco Control Act being signed into law in 2009, the conversation is picking up steam again. And the stakes could not be higher. Here’s a refresher on how we got to the current state.

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