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Snacks & Candy

Candy: Nonchocolate Reigns

Retailers see success with gummies and other sweet and sour treats, as well as large-size chocolates

Snacks & Candy

Comfort Food Sales Increase Amid COVID-19 Concerns

IRI report shows consumers are stocking up on cookies, salty snacks amid coronavirus crisis

Credit Suisse U.S. says Hershey’s confectionery business is resilient

New varieties are made with Hershey’s milk chocolate, Reese’s Pieces

Yogurt, ice cream among dairy-free alternatives being introduced

Varieties such as soft fruit chews, sour gummies doing well

Snacks have 3 grams of protein per serving

Items include cereal, coffee creamers, new flavors

Candy bar will feature birthday cake-flavored white cream, colorful sprinkles

Exclusive interview with center-store leader Andrew Lee

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