chocolate candy

Snacks & Candy

The Hershey Co. ‘Recasts’ Its Product Segments

New division emphasizes salty-snack focus

Snacks & Candy

GPM Investments Unveils Winter Promotions

Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day deals available now through end of March

New look part of effort toward ‘inclusive messaging and purpose’

2 flavors of Large Promises are now available to retailers nationwide

Duos Strawberry + Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Hazelnut Thins both available now

From a trip mission perspective, chocolate candy remained the top unplanned category within c-store, with instant consumables leading the way as shoppers looked to confection to treat themselves or find comfort.

From Mackinac Island fudge to massage oil candles, trade show merchandise runs the gamut

At 1-foot long, latest line addition is largest package of full-sized peanut-butter cups yet

Rallies Nut Butter Bombs launch in 2 types, with a 3rd to come

Genesee Country Store finds a niche with chocolate-covered bacon

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