energy drinks


ZOA Energy Cans Feature ‘The Rock’ as Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson promotes DC superhero film via his beverage company


Gatorade to Release Its 1st Caffeinated Energy Drink

NFL players have exclusive access to Fast Twitch until wider release in early 2023

Retailer will offer all 4 flavors of performance drink in 1,100 stores

Agreement includes half-billion-dollar investment in energy drink company

86 locations across Arizona to carry the performance drink

More than 100,000 stores involved in deal between LeanLife Health Partners, AATAC

C-store chain’s new beverage blends Red Bull with colorful flavors

Distribution deal will drive growth, combat supply chain issues

Beverage maker ordered to stop using the ‘Bang’ name in 12 states

Drink will first be available in Walmart

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