32- & 40-Oz. Beers Now in Plastic Bottles

MillerCoors introduces new shatter-proof packaging for singles

MillerCoors 40-ounce plastic bottles

CHICAGO -- With single beers among the fastest-growing packages in the beer segment, MillerCoors is adding several new large bottles to its lineup, this time in plastic.

Launching in 32 states this month, Chicago-based MillerCoors is bringing 32- and 40-ounce versions of 10 of its economy beer brands to retail.

Brands include Miller High Life, Icehouse, Keystone Ice, Steel Reserve, Mickey’s, Milwaukee’s Best, Milwaukee’s Best Ice, Olde English 300, Olde English HG800 and Magnum. Icehouse and Milwaukee’s Best will remain in glass bottles for the 32-oz. size.

MillerCoors said in test markets in 2012, the brewer saw a 4-to-1 consumer preference for the plastic bottles over glass. Other benefits:

  • Shatter-proof bottle avoids costly and dangerous breakage.
  • 20%-30% carbon footprint reduction, better for the environment.
  • More masculine, ergonomic design.
  • 40-oz. plastic bottles weigh 1 pound less that glass 40-oz. bottles
  • Innovation and news in the economy segment.