5-Hour Energy to Hand Over Ingredient List?

Oregon Department of Justice files legal papers to force issue

Oregon Department of Justice files legal papers to force 5-Hour Energy to Hand Over Ingredient List

SALEM, Ore. -- The Oregon Department of Justice Friday filed legal papers to force the makers of 5-Hour Energy drink to hand over data on the drink's ingredients, according to a UPI report.

The legal action, filed against 5-Hour Energy's makers and marketers, Innovation Ventures LLC, Living Essentials LLC and Microdose Sales LLC, will be used in an investigation into the drink's claim that people who consume the 2-ounce caffeinated drink don't experience a post-use crash, The Oregonian reported.

A 33-state investigation has been established to investigate the drink's claims. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration records indicate there have been 92 "adverse incident reports" involving 5-hour Energy.

5-Hour Energy handed over some documents to Oregon's health fraud unit in April, but those documents contained redacted data on specific amounts of ingredients used in the drink.

In June, 5-Hour Energy filed a lawsuit in an effort to block Oregon investigators from getting the unredacted information.

5 Hour Energy did not respond to requests for comment by press time Friday. The legal action taken Friday requires 5-Hour Energy to turn over the unredacted document to the Oregon Department of Justice by Feb. 15.