5 Food Trends at Summer Fancy Food Show

Trendspotter Panel predicts what's next on store shelves

Matcha Love Green Tea

NEW YORK -- The next big thing coming to a store near you will be new takes on peanut butter, protein-packed jerky and smoke in unexpected places. That is according to a panel of trendspotters who made their predictions after combing the jam-packed aisles at the Summer Fancy Food Show.

The show was held June 29 through July 1, 2014, in New York. This year's event was the largest since the trade-only event made its debut in 1955. The exhibit halls were filled with the latest chocolates, cheeses, charcuterie and snack foods from 2,730 specialty food companies representing 49 countries.

The trendspotters include individuals who follow the twists and turns of food trends for leading media outlets and consulting firms. Here are their top five trends and examples from the show:

Spread the Cookie Love

  • Dave's Gourmet—Oatmeal Cookie Butter
  • Gooey on the Inside—Fluffernana Cookie Butter
  • Amoretti—Graham Cracker Natural Cookie Spread

Smoked Signals

  • Quin Smoked Cola Gum Drops
  • Rick's Picks—Smokra
  • Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery—Smoked Chocolate Chips

Bourbon Boosted

  • Batch—Brown Sugar Bourbon & Pecan Ice Cream
  • Brooklyn Brine Co.—Spicy Maple Bourbon Pickle
  • Bourbon Barrel Foods—Bourbon Smoked Sugar

Chew on This

  • SlantShack Jerky—Bronx Brewery Pale Ale Jerky
  • Ocean Beauty Seafoods—Wild Salmon Jerky
  • Field Trip Jerky—Crushed Chilies No. 19 Turkey Jerky

Modern Matcha

  • The Republic of Tea—Matchia
  • Teapigs—Organic Matcha
  • Ito En—Matcha Love ready-to-drink tea

"The Specialty Food Association seeks to be ahead of the trends," said Ann Daw, president of the association, the Summer Fancy Food Show's owner and producer. "Our show celebrates what's next in specialty food."

Other trends spotted include modern mayonnaise, more twists on popcorn, new takes on yogurt, such as beet and sheep's milk, and a next wave of seaweed snacks. Trends from past Fancy Food Shows with staying power include coconut, sriracha, ancient grains, healthier snack chips and innovation in gluten-free items.

The Specialty Food Association, New York, is a thriving community of food artisans, importers and entrepreneurs who bring craft, care and joy to the distinctive foods they produce.