Smoker Friendly Extends Exclusive Deal With Freedom Smokeless

Renews private-brand manufacturing agreement with electronic cigarette maker

BOULDER, Colo. -- Smoker Friendly International has announced that it has renewed its exclusive private-brand manufacturing agreement with Freedom Smokeless. Freedom Smokeless is a manufacturer of U.S.-made electronic cigarettes.

Since 2009, Freedom Smokeless has been manufacturing and distributing the Smoker Friendly-branded Electronic Cigarette starter kits, Express Kits, cartridge refills, disposables and accessories to the Smoker Friendly chain.

"Initially, there were several reasons we chose Freedom as our supplier" said Terry Gallagher Jr., president of Smoker Friendly International. "We liked the quality of their product as well as the fact that Freedom does not compete against us online. Because of their continued commitment to quality, world class customer service and innovative products, renewing their exclusive agreement for us was a no brainer."

Glenn Kassel, Freedom's president, said, "We are pleased that Smoker Friendly chose us to manufacture their products back in 2009. This has truly been a great partnership, and we are delighted that our agreement has been renewed. The Gallaghers have created a team that is like family, and we are honored to be part of that family. "

Founded in 2008 and based in San Clemente, Calif., Freedom sells its "Made in the USA" line of electronic cigarettes and cartridge products in thousands of tobacco shops, retail outlets and convenience stores across the United States.

Smoker Friendly, Boulder, Colo., is America's largest cigarette and tobacco store (CTS) retailer. The Smoker Friendly Authorized Dealer Program is designed for existing retail tobacco store operators who wish to market their own brand of competitively priced private-label products within an exclusive territory that is geographically protected. This program is for the tobacco retailer who would like the advantages of a buying group; wants more interaction with other cigarette and tobacco store retailers including information and idea sharing; clout with manufacturers; and the greater synergies that a nationally known private-label brand like Smoker Friendly provides. Currently, there are almost 1,000 stores across the United States with The SF Private-Label Tobacco Family.