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CSP Tobacco: A Vaping 101 Glossary

This glossary will have you talking like a vaping pro in no time


Is it a product used by consumers to get their nicotine fı x via vaporization (vs. combustion)? Then it’s part of the e-vapor category. Also Goes By: Electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS)

CATEGORY 1: Electronic Cigarettes

Battery-operated devices made to mimic the size and weight of combustible cigarettes. Also Goes By: Cig-alikes, e-cigs

Subcategory: Rechargeable

A reusable e-cig that uses replaceable nicotine cartridges and rechargeable batteries.

Subcategory: E-Cigar/E-Hookah/E-Shisha

E-cig-like products that mimic the visual and sensory experience of cigars, hookah or shisha tobacco.

Subcategory: Cartridges

Closed-liquid nicotine units used to refıll rechargeable e-cigs. Also Goes By: Refılls

Subcategory: Disposables

One-time-use e-cigs.

CATEGORY 3: Vaporizers

Larger devices with higher-powered batteries that vaporize nicotine through an open or closed tank system (and do not at all resemble combustible cigarettes). Also Goes By: VTMs (vaporizers, tanks, mods), ego units, pens

Subcategory: E-Liquids

Used in vaporizers, solution containing distilled water, propylene glycol, vegetable glycol, flavoring and varying levels of nicotine. Also Goes By: E-juice, smoke juice

Subcategory: Mods

Large-scale, cylindrical or box-shaped vaporizers housing extremely large (or even multiple) batteries (sometimes considered the third generation of e-vapor products). Also Goes By: Box mods, mechanical mods

CATEGORY 3: Heat-Not-Burn

Products that heat actual tobacco vs. liquid nicotine; can resemble cigarettes and e-cigs (such as Reynolds’ Revo),  personal vaporizers (such as Pax by Ploom) or none of the above.

Subcategory: Dry Vaporizers

Devices that let consumers vaporize their own blend of loose tobacco … or other plants.

Sub-Subcategory: Pods

Similar to e-cig cartridges but with actual tobacco instead of liquid nicotine; made for closed-system heat-not-burn vapor products.

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