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February 2011 Back Rumor

Bill L., BR sends sincere condolences to you and your family on the loss of your mom, Jackie. 

BR hears OpenStore is spreading as the industry’s social-network provider and has been hiring for top slots.

OK, can Jerry Rose ever really retire?

R.W., thanks for the tip on how to get the good wine.

Word on the street has Fas Mart closer to getting a new CEO on board.

Seems Joe V. has found a new job at CRU as head softball coach (and relief pitcher).

BR hears a Midwest jobber is developing a training “univer­sity” for his dealer network.

A Connecticut retailer says long-term supply contracts come up faster than retailers think. He’s review­ing his, and it’s up in three years.

Expect supply in the Northeast from one major soon to be in name and credit-card-process­ing only, one fuels expert predicts.

BR wishes a speedy recovery to Gary F. Myers of Kocolene.

Warehouse-deliv­ered endcaps have proven successful for J.P.

L.M., glad you were feeling well enough (eventually) for your hunting trip.

BR hopes lots of people get their space-transit vehicles washed at a Southwestern retailer.

Congrats to Todd and Marla Jenney on their new grandson, Parker!

BR hears a safe company is considering self-serve registers.

Keith Brand, wel­come back to this side of the pond.

Hmmm, a month to dry out after the holidays? BR likes your style, M.N.

B.H. is curious how one Southeast retailer undergoing a major revamp will do against the estab­lished competition.

After swearing he’d never offer a 12-ounce cup of coffee and four sizes, a Midwest retailer now finds it may be necessary to keep pace with McDonald’s.

Look out for more testing of mobile-phone payments at U.S. retail very soon.

Sources say one of the country’s big­gest chains is shuf­fling folks at the top operational levels.

A Vegas retailer tells BR Diet Dr Pepper has been selling so well from the cold vault that she put it on the fountain, too.

As retail locations switch hands, one fuels expert says to watch for electronic processing issues. That may be where headaches arise.

There’s no denying that PS Food Marts in Michigan have wonderful rest­rooms. “Basically, we keep working on them until my wife says it’s somewhere she would stop,” says president and CEO Dick Folk.

Congrats to M.L. on the birth of his first child. BR hears the holidays will never be the same again.

Ants on the room-service tray? Sounds like a horror movie to BR. Hope your next getaway is more pleasant, J.Z.


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