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Making Better-For-You Count

Consumers increasingly seek out food across channels, defining health for themselves

The new year always ushers in a more pronounced sensibility related to healthy eating. And while the average person’s commitment to a conventionally strict New Year’s resolution eating plan typically softens after a month or two, today’s consumer remains in search of what they believe is “better” for them all year long. It’s part of a shifting idea around health that is not necessarily tied to low calories, fat or sugar.

Instead, it’s linked to natural, higher-quality ingredients; made-from-scratch preparations; food that’s free from allergens, antibiotics and arti­ficial colors or sweeteners; or simply food made fresh every day.

Consumers are increasingly seeking out these foods across channels and defining health for themselves. And as they continue to hunt for what’s “better,” nearly nine out of 10 (86%) say it’s vital for c-stores to tune into how healthy de­finitions and healthy options are changing, according to Technomic’s Consumer Brand Metrics, powered by Ignite.

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