E15 Hits 5 Billion Consumer Miles Driven

Retailers detail their successes from offering E15 fuel

Consumers recently logged five billion miles driven on E15. Consumers are enjoying the environmental benefits of lower emissions, as well as the lower cost of E15. Similarly, convenience retailers are enjoying the increase in traffic and store sales from E15.

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Growth Energy is a proud partner with many of the leading retailers. Here’s an update on the state of E15 sales with a few of these retailers.

Benefits and opportunities of policy change for E15 fuel

Minnoco, a Twin City-based chain, has been selling E15 for more than five years, offering the fuel at more than 35 locations today. One of its dealers is Marshall Cretin Minnoco.

At Marshall Cretin Minnoco, located in St. Paul, Minn., E15 has been available since November of 2014 and has generated great results. “The consumer response to selling E15 has been positive. Customers embraced the lower price point out of the gate. We saw E15 take over E10 in sales volume quickly,” says Steve Anderson, the location’s owner and operator.

Similarly, Joel Hirschboeck, general manager of fuel procurement and marketing for Kwik Trip, has led one of the most aggressive efforts to expand the market for E15. Under his leadership, Kwik Trip rolled out 300 sites in just four short months, ushering in a new model for E15 expansion. “We have over 600 locations,” he says. “Of those, 350 sell E15.”

And Steve Walk, COO of Protec Fuel Management, LLC in Boca Raton, Fla., says that the reason he chose to add E15 to his product lineup can be summed up in one word: opportunity.

“Protec was an early mover in blending E10 and installing and supplying E85 stations, and we were early again with E15. As a company, we are plugged into the demographic and consumer trends that point the way forward. With the vast majority of vehicles on the road being compatible with E15, the opportunity is rather obvious,” Walk says.

Continued growth shows E15 is here to stay

E15 sales have not just been holding steady—in many locations, they’re overtaking sales of traditional gasoline. “We typically observe E15 sales represent about 35-45% of total sales, but we have some stores selling as much as 60% [E15],” Walk says.

For these retailers and many others, having a reliable partner to guide them through the process can be indispensable. “Growth Energy has helped us make it easier to be a Kum & Go biofuels customer,” says Sam Herro, retail fuels manager for Kum & Go. “As we innovate, we rely on partners like Growth Energy to support that effort through policy support and customer education and outreach, as well as regulatory navigation. Growth Energy has been particularly helpful and knowledgeable in those areas.”

Hirschboeck agrees. “Growth Energy is an expert in anything ethanol fuel-related. They are a great resource for best practices, legislative and regulatory review and education for all parties,” he says.

For an increased chance of success when offering a new product at a convenience store, having a supportive partner is key.

“Making changes to your fuel business is a risk. It is a calculated risk on my part and the results have been most positive,” Anderson says. “We have a new model of business and for that I thank Growth Energy for pushing E15 to the forecourt.”

E15 recently reached another milestone: Consumers have logged five billion miles driven on it. The next billion is around the corner—is your c-store ready for it?

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