BP Enhances Pump Rewards Technology With New Loyalty Programs

Testing nonpayment loyalty card at 250 stations, cents-per-gallon rewards card at 50 Kmarts

CHICAGO -- BP Products North America Inc. is looking for new ways to build loyalty with its consumers. It recently launched the BP Visa with Pump Rewards, and now the company is taking Pump Rewards technology to a new level by launching several pilot programs this fall in select markets, giving consumers more ways to earn cents-per-gallon rebates instantly at the pump.

A new, nonpayment loyalty card launched on August 20, called the BP Rewards Card, allowing more than 250 BP sites in Milwaukee and Charlotte to offer loyal consumers a chance to earn cents off per gallon for their purchases of BP gasoline. The loyalty program involves a simple registration process with no credit approval needed, giving branded marketers more ways to generate loyalty with consumers in their area.

By using Pump Rewards technology, now present across the majority of sites in the BP branded network, the BP Rewards Card will give consumers a consistent reward for their loyalty, that when redeemed, can lower the price instantly at the pump.

BP launched a cents-per-gallon rewards program on September 1 at more than 50 Kmart locations in Iowa and Minnesota. The program offers consumers the chance to earn 10 cents off per gallon for every $50 spent at Kmart on grocery and pharmacy purchases. The rewards program operates with the new Pump Rewards technology at participating BP locations. BP branded marketers will be reimbursed for each transaction, net the 10-cent transaction fee per redemption, which outside of the BP Visa is the lowest redemption fee of the oil majors.

BP is the first major oil company to team up with Visa to test its new Visa Offers beta platform, offering consumers the ability to earn instant cents-per-gallon rewards while they are already using their enrolled Visa account. Cents-per-gallon rewards will be distributed to consumers who choose to enroll in the program via SMS texts that can be redeemed at BP stations with Pump Rewards technology.

The BP offer runs from September 15 through December 31.

"These loyalty initiatives will leverage the Pump Rewards technology platform, benefitting our branded marketers and their consumers," said Amy Abraham, vice president of marketing for BP.

As part of BP's commitment to strengthen business at retail, the focus of the pilot efforts is to develop and enhance BP's promise to offer a better brand, better fuel, a better site experience, and better rewards offers.

Houston-based BP markets more than 15 billion gallons of gasoline every year to U.S. consumers through more than 11,000 BP and ARCO branded retail outlets.