July 2013 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

BR sends many well wishes and good thoughts out to B.K

Congrats to Douglass Distributing on selling a $40 million Powerball ticket at one of the company’s Lone Star Food Stores!

Great to know J.H.’s company is part of a major oil’s new concept store. In the “who knew?” department: Pheasant hunting is quite the pastime among c-store retailers. Congrats to L.C. on her new gig!

Watch out for D.B.: Anyone who played pool with Minnesota Fats and shadowboxed with Muhammad Ali must be a contender!

Having roots with a well-known Southeast chain, a nowcompeting retailer secretly wishes the company well.

Who would’ve thought an e-cigarette manufacturer could make bosom buddies out of Courtney Love and Bono?

Talk about taking justice into your own hands: A chain in the South has hired local police to help hunt down gas fraud rings, complete with stings.

Congratulations to M.S. on her pending nuptials. Perhaps Uncle J. can spring for the honeymoon?

Appreciate the pep talk, Dean D.! It made “entertaining the troops” a little bit easier.

B.V.P., thanks for the visit and for sharing the shots of the Freedom Tower.

J.B., we salute you for your service to our country and welcome you to the c-store industry.

An independent retailer in the Midwest has two new builds on the horizon.

K.B.D., you continue to amaze us with your bravery and wonderful attitude.

Dashboard software is a new trick for one Texas retailer trying to organize the constant flow of data.  

BR hears expansion may mean a Southern brand has to look beyond its supply chain.

Hot dog steamers apparently don’t work in the South. Maybe tamales, J.C.?

BBQ, beer and pig hunting—sounds like a great ol’ time to us, M.M.!

Happy 93rd birthday to P.C.’s dad! Your son is representing the family well as a scavenger hunter extraordinaire.

Happy trails to D.B. and the missus as they tour the U.S. in style in their new RV. Now if only we could figure out a good route to Puerto Rico …

Interesting strategy, V.B.: Stand with “someone important” and maybe you’ll get your picture in a magazine. Let’s see how that plays out!

Insight from a singlec-store franchisee: “Oh, I see. Anybody who has more than two or three stores is a Republican.” 

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