March 2012 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

Could two sizable East Coast chains be planning a merger?

We’ll miss seeing S.S. at c-store events, but we know he’s destined for great things in other channels!

BR hears a mid-Atlantic chain will refurbish or build 15 new stores over the next year— nearly half its sites. Stranded in the desert … for 45 minutes? OK, not exactly the mirage-seeing horror story we originally imagined, B.B.

Odessa, give a big Texas welcome to B.W., one of the industry’s good guys.

BR hears as middle managers jump ship from one Southeast chain, another chain in the same state is grabbing up the good ones.

A major grocery company may be attracting suitors. Are its significant c-store holdings up for grabs?

Jugs of moonshine and peanut shells on the floor? J.H. is right at home.

A tequila shot is one way to keep warm in the desert, D.C. When you mention Miss Poopy Pants in your next routine, D.M., we’ll know what you’re talking about.

J.S., BR now officially knows which CSP reader is the biggest John Hiatt fan.

BR hears Karen W. has closed Billy Bob’s more times than she can remember.

Good luck, W.J., and Mean Gene and the Flamethrowers in the upcoming battle of the bands! Note to self: Next time Dick Meyer enters the room, play dramatic Sousa march.

BR hears 138 is the magic number of new builds on tap for a major retailer in the South.

The guys from one industry loyalty group sure have great stories about helicopter night flights and shaving trees.

Jenny B., we’re sure you’re going to razzle-dazzle ’em in “Chicago”!

Is a certain c-store chain’s iconic uniform undergoing alterations?

If J.K. says “stuff a sock in it,” don’t take it personally.

BR hears a house c-store band is in the works, featuring M.Z., S.H. and B.E. Just a warning in case the industry needs another reason to sell earplugs!

A Tennessee retailer is ramping up its foodservice in a major way. Roast beef flatbread with a horseradish spread? BR will take one!  

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