Michigan Lawmaker Takes Steps to Secure Fuel Pumps

Kristina Peters, Associate Editor, CSP

State Rep. Ben Glardon has introduced a bill to add security measures at gas-station pumps in Michigan to prevent credit-card skimming.

Skimming has become an issue across the country as criminals use new technologies to steal a customer’s personal banking information when paying at the pump. More than 70 skimming devices have been found and removed from Michigan pumps since last year, according to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development inspectors.

“Many gas stations are already taking steps to deal with skimming, but we need to make sure all of them across the state are up to date,” Glardon said in a release.

If passed, House Bill 5797 would require gas stations to use pressure-sensitive tape over the panel, encrypt the credit information, or install a device that shuts the pump down if the panel is opened without proper authorization.