November 2012 Back Rumor

Article Preview: 

Thoughts and prayers go out to Jon Fleck’s family on the tragic loss of Lois, Jon’s daughter.

BR hears a Midwest chain is looking to add more TV entertain­ment at the pump.

Best wishes to W.S. Hope your recovery is smooth sailing.

Was that Manny Zayas of A-B jam­ming with the World Classic Rockers? Nice chops!

Congrats to N.M. and K.A. The Tetons are a great place for a honeymoon.

Charity work equals “likes,” says J.A.

It was a family affair during a NACS Show chat on social media, with savvy sons teach­ing their pops a thing or two.

BR hears a northern California retailer will be introducing a new store brand in the not-too-distant future.

S.H., BR is sure other ships will be sailing for you soon.

BR hears a retailer in the Southwest plans to redo 80 of his stores in the next year.

Chief Nerd? Hope that’s not your of­ficial title, C.B.

J.R., great to meet you. Hope your hunt for foodservice ideas— and a good fruit distributor—paid off.

J.Z., BR sees many great opportunities in your future.

BR hears chains in the Southeast and Midwest are looking into sub­stantial acquisitions.

Could an e-cig com­pany or two be teeter­ing? L.M. says yes.

BR hears a large Southeast chain is keeping busy paying down debt, working on boosting its stock price and creating a QT-style prototype.

Despite the consid­erable NACS Show buzz around natural gas, ask F.D.—or any New York retailer, for that matter—whether consumers are clam­oring for it. For many, “fracking is evil.”

Look for more loyalty from two major oils, says D.G.

Could a Florida chain be interested in going in circles?

Hey, S.H., stop being so paranoid. Not ever BR item to S.H. is about you

Congrats to new dad James McNutt and new grandpa Don McNutt on the birth of baby Lily!

F.S., you’ll never be “that guy” to CSP.

Kudos to Larry G. on his 7-Eleven award. Nice to know good work receives ac­knowledgement.

Never suggest that consumers overin­flate the effect of high gas prices on their household budgets. Just ask F.R.

T.K., hope business picks up for you soon.

Here’s to your new industry role, J.K.

BR hears a major c-store chain is testing some revolutionary changes to the way it sets its cold vault.

D.M. and R.F., will we be seeing your Vegas road trip as a Hollywood buddy picture anytime soon?

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