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Founder and CEO, IMST Corp....

Jim Fisher is the founder and CEO of Houston-based IMST Corp., a retail location analysis firm serving the convenience store/petroleum industries. He can be reached at

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CSP Magazine

Opinion: Counting Cars Counts for a Lot

When things are going by so fast that they’re a blur, focus

CSP Magazine

Opinion: No Horses, Just Saddles

When you’re on your back after being thrown from a horse at age 30, you never think, at 70, that moment just might come back and grab you in the rear.

Often we fall short in communicating to our customers how we can enhance their lives.

My travel in early 2016 has been a perfect example of the absolute differences that exist throughout our country ,,, and how they translate to convenience stores.

Many times, we can look outward or inward and see something extremely different—not conflicting visions, just diverse ones.

The problem at McDonald’s is not the menu items—the problem is the deteriorating customer experience.

Most of us in Texas fully appreciate all of the great aspects of this state and what it has to offer. Our level of supermarkets is certainly not one of them.

All of us experience many moments when we witness some universal mistakes being made, and we find ourselves trying to decide how to deal with the best methods of correcting the mistakes.

So the year 2015 brings with it the celebration of two silver anniversaries for us: one company and one personal. And actually, it represents one ruby anniversary as well. The year 2015 marks 40 years of my being involved with the convenience retail and petroleum industry.

When you have the opportunity to rekindle relationships long since ended, please do so. Because it truly does turn out that they never ended—they were just waiting for a time to begin again.

I am amazed by the effect a rebirth of existing convenience-store facilities can have on a marketplace, existing and potential customers, and a company itself. It is one of the very few actions that can so dramatically affect a company’s bottom line.

When considering a location for a new convenience store or other business, the blank land must be viewed the same way an artist sees a blank canvas.

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