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Chew on This: Wrigley Launching Marketing Campaign, 2 New Products

Research shows wellness is driving merchandising

CHICAGO -- Wrigley is calling on consumers to “Chew To A Better You.”

The Chicago-based gum and confection company said its new marketing campaign addresses the consumer demand for healthier and better-for-you options in their diet. The company also has added two new products, one sweetened with real sugar and the other a sugar-free soft chew in a 40-count bottle.

Wrigley said the marketing campaign will:

  • Encourage consumers to incorporate sugar-free gum into their health and wellness routine.
  • Partner with MyFitnessPal, a large fitness community, to create connections with consumers and raise awareness of incorporating sugar-free gum into a fitness routine.
  • Support retailers with print, digital and in-store media and displays.

The campaign also speaks to the way retailers are organizing their shelves to focus more on health trends, Wrigley said, noting that wellness has become a driving factor in merchandising, and gum is being recognized as a category to include.

Citing National Shopper Card data, Wrigley said gum is in the same calorie-conscious consideration set as offerings such as granola, fruits and nuts. The research showed that 80% of gum buyers also purchase better-for-you bars, and 53% of consumers believe a retailer can have a significant role in supporting their commitment to health.

The company said its gum portfolio helps retailers drive incremental sales by offering choices that meet both functional and emotional reasons that people chew gum.

Wrigley’s newest products are Orbit White and Doublemint Perfectly Sweet.

Orbit White comes in a soft chew and is bigger in size than Orbit pellets. It will be offered in two sugar-free flavors: Spearmint and Peppermint. The 40-count bottles have a suggested retail price of $3.49.

Doublemint Perfectly Sweet is sweetened with real sugar and will be available in a 12-stick envelope pack at a retail price of 68 cents. 


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