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Snacks & Candy

SNAC International Extends All Officer Terms

Trade group embraces continuity following turbulent year

Snacks & Candy

Snacks: Rediscovering Its Mojo

New products remain key after a year that changed package sizes and plan-o-grams

Confection trends for 2020 saw nonchocolate peg bags and take-home packages driving growth.

New flavors—from mango to ghost pepper—challenge palates

Innovation and new products target a new consumer

Snack maker acquires 21 DSD routes in and around Orlando, Tampa and Sarasota

Brand will reveal the secret of limited-edition line extension this summer

Candy maker brings bright colors, fruit flavors to new seasonal treats

More than just a meal replacement or a bridge between larger meals, afternoon snacks are increasingly being asked to perform the dual task of satisfying both the desire for an indulgent treat and creating a feeling of satiation.

New protein snack delivers a crispy bite

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