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Snacks & Candy

Who Is Responsible for Healthy Snacking?

Nearly 40% of U.S. adults are obese—so who’s to blame?

Snacks & Candy

New M&M's Flavor Vote Campaign Offers International Travel Rewards

New Flavor Vote Campaign features Mexican Jalapeno Peanut, Thai Coconut Peanut and English Toffee Peanut varieties

M&M’s returns for the fifth time in 10 years, while Planters makes its first appearance

Undeclared peanuts found in ingredients

Hershey offers tips to help retailers boost snack and candy sales this year

Cannabis’ nonpsychoactive brother is emerging in candy—but where does it fit in c-stores?

A sneak peek into the new chocolates arriving next month

Only one-tenth of consumers say they visit c-stores to order healthful items

Fans can win a trip to the candy factory by donating to United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley

Paleo food brand will continue daily operations from Oxnard, Calif., headquarters