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What consumers want on their summer road trip pit stop

Is there anything more American than taking a road trip? Movies have been made about them, books written and songs sung. Americans cherish their cars and taking to the open road for a sweet vacation c...


How C-Stores Can Increase Money Spent at the Register by Selling Nicotine Gum

Offering this smoking cessation product can be a boon for profit—as long as customers know it’s there.

Consumers are not only focused on convenience when it comes to their healthy options; they’re also seeking quality.

The trend of more continuous snacking isn’t likely to slow down anytime, but with summer here, some consumers may be looking for lighter, better-for-you snacks.

C-stores have long been the top retail channel for cigarette sales, but for many retailers the real growth opportunity is selling products designed to help consumers quit smoking.

C-stores that are prepared to offer a variety of allergy solutions will best meet the allergy sufferers’ needs and gain loyal shoppers in the process.

While no one wants to get sick during the winter, it’s inevitable for many consumers. Here are a few strategies to employ, as well as a few products to consider stocking, to help thrive through these tough few months.

When it comes to appealing to consumers who want a healthier snack, stocking shelves with better-for-you options can be a great way to increase sales.

Not only are consumers accepting of natural, better-for-you snacks in convenience stores, they’re expecting them.

A growing number of c-store shoppers would like “better for you” snacks to be more than just an afterthought.