St. Paul City Council Bans Flavored Tobacco in C-Stores

Sale restricted to 18-and-over tobacco shops

ST. PAUL, Minn. -- The St. Paul City Council has voted 7 to 0 to adopt an ordinance banning the sale of fruit-flavored and candy-flavored tobacco products in convenience stores and restricting the sale to age-restricted tobacco shops. St. Paul, Minnesota

Convenience stores throughout St. Paul have 90 days to remove products, reported the Pioneer Press.

Tobacco shops are open only to customers age 18 and over.

According to the report, the ordinance drew opposition from attorneys representing tobacco retailers and trade groups, who said St. Paul's convenience stores had fared well in compliance checks and were being unfairly punished.

The St. Paul ordinance also sets the minimum price for cigar packages. Retailers must charge at least $2.60 per cigar for packages containing three or more cigars, or $10.40 for a package of four cigars, said the report.

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