There’s a 24-flavor menu of made-to-order coffees at Valparaiso, Indiana-based Family Express, which has a bean-to-cup partnership with Franke Coffee Systems, bundling this enterprise with an upscale hot-tea offering.

The menu features bean-to-cup Java Wave European Cafe machines that offer 12 hot and 12 iced beverages. The wide variety of offerings includes Mild (a blend of Central and South American coffees), Decaf, Vienna Roast, Java Wave Dark, La Palma Mild, Colombian Narino (from the southernmost slopes of Colombia), Komodo (a blend of Sumatra and Colombia), Sumatra Mandheling (an Asian-Pacific bean), Antigua Mild, Guatemalan Huehuetenago (flavors include dark chocolate, cashews and caramel) and others.

The c-store chain’s rewards program, F.E. Perks, gives customers a free seventh drink when they’ve bought six, as well as deals on gasoline.

In a partnership with the Metropolitan Tea Co., Family Express offers Metz Luxury Tea, which also is served at Four Seasons Hotels.

Customer comment:
“Always clean and friendly. The food is good, and coffee is yummy.”