The year 2022 was filled with change for the Huck’s coffee program, and several new coffees were introduced, including Lift, a light-roasted blend sustainably sourced and farmed in Central and South America. It supports 20 small farms and provides funding to help protect the environment, to provide safer working conditions for the farmers and to develop better agricultural practices to increase productivity.

Carmi, Illinois-based Huck’s also introduced two new coffees: Wild Blueberry (the sweet, juicy flavor of sun-ripened blueberries baked to perfection in a buttery crust) and Highlander Grog (hazelnut, butterscotch and caramel).

Best-sellers include the House Blend and a Columbian brew.

Huck’s, which recently began transitioning its coffee program to Schaerer bean-to-cup machines, boasts that its customers can brew their favorite coffees hot or over ice and that feedback on the new machines has been extremely positive.

Huck’s currently has 28 locations with bean-to-cup machines and plans to roll out several more this year.

The coffee program includes a variety of creamer and sweetener options for customers wishing to customize their beverages, and regular cleaning and stocking at all stores ensures they are always ready for business, the company said.

Customer comment:
“Great customer service, clean restrooms and good coffee and cooked food.”