Starbuck is the world’s largest specialty coffeehouse chain, positioned as a neighborhood gathering place, according to Technomic.

Well known for its variety of coffee-drink styles and types—hot and cold—recent innovations include White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew, which is topped with toasted cookie crumbles, and Chocolate Java Mint Frappuccino.

Hot-brewed coffees include the Green Apron Blend, Clover Starbucks Reserve Rwanda Sholi and the Caffe Misto.

Starbucks says it strives to become resource positive, giving back more than it takes from the planet. To that end, Starbucks is working to store more carbon than it emits, replenish more freshwater than it uses, and eliminate waste. It has a goal of cutting waste in half by 2030.

Customer comment:
“Professional staff members taking care to make my coffee the way I requested, which considering my various modifications, can be easily messed up if not paying attention.”