Brad Juliette says there’s no “magic bullet” to hiring the right people. But having lived his entire life in the market he serves, he believes he has an advantage. “I know these counties and know a lot of people. I get wind of when people are looking to switch jobs. Word-of-mouth is important here,” he says.

Juliette owns Roy’s Convenience Stores and its parent company, Juliette Property and Investment Inc. in Belgrade, Mo. With 160 total employees, he also credits his co-owner and wife, Kelly, for her ability to identify applicants who would be a solid fit for the company.

Noting several employees who have been on board for decades, Juliette also thrives with employee retention, drawing on his early experiences performing the “grunt work” as a grocery associate. This included paperwork, unloading trucks, placing orders and micro-managing retail. That experience allows him to “meet people where they’re at, and they appreciate the gesture.” He’s also generous with wages. “It’s worth it,” he says.