“We wanted to make career-pathing real at Kum & Go,” says Ashley Quint, division vice president, career pathing at Kum & Go, so she and her team first examined what was causing turnover at the store level.

Quint found that many people who left Kum & Go were part-time workers with no benefits and no consistent schedule. In response, she and her team worked to move about 2,000 employees to full-time. These full-time employees received medical, dental and other benefits.

Employees could also gain entry-level management experience with a captainship program that allows them to be responsible for something in the store.

These changes, along with more flexible scheduling, resulted in tangible benefits for employees, says Quint. One employee started making enough money that she could buy a car to drive to work instead of taking the bus every day.

It’s stories like that, says Quint, that let her know her work has a positive impact on peoples’ lives.