RaceTrac unveiled its first EV charging station in October at a store in Oxford, Alabama. The Atlanta-based chain has plans to install EV chargers to 30 sites by the end of 2024—with more to come, said Rushi Patel, manager of diversified energy at Metroplex Energy, a division of RaceTrac.

“We want to make it a RaceTrac experience. We want to make sure that you’re at a clean, safe location that’s manned 24/7, 365, and have the same great amenities no matter what type of fuel you’re refueling [with],” he said.

As the chain continues to grow its EV charger presence, Patel is putting himself in the mindset of the EV consumer—driving a Chevrolet Bolt EV helps him do this.

“I think driving that absolutely helps with the experience, [and] getting other folks here in the organization to experience it [and] understand, ‘What are those challenges? Where can we remove friction in this experience? And how can we how we do better? How can we communicate charging speeds and everything else better?’ Just so the guests get what they expect.”